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About Us

   Anacon Power & Controls is an Anacon Electronic Sales Inc. Company. We design and manufacture standard and custom solid-state relay assemblies and SCR controller products. We can also supply Solid State Relays with SSR Monitors and/or Current Transformers for situations where this is critical to your applications.


   We began our company in 1994 with a focused mission to supply quality and reliable SSR products. Many of our product designs are still used today by major manufacturing companies, who demand the reliability that our products have always had.


   Our Standard Solid-State Relay Assemblies use Crydom Solid-State Relays, which provide the latest in Solid-State technology. Designed for Thermal Efficiency, the SCR Die of each Solid-State relay is assembled onto a direct bond copped (DBC of Fused Copper) substrate. This allows for maximum heat transfer from the SCR die to the base plate, allowing the SCR to operate at a lower temperature.


   The system is not complete until the introduction of a properly designed Black anodized aluminum heatsink to remove operating heat that builds up during operation. Even the very best SSR must have a path to remove the heat from building up in the semiconductor junction. Each power relay has a thermal rating that is used to match the relay and the application to the proper sized heat sink, so that the device will not approach what is referred to as “Thermal Run-Away.”

   Based upon the ambient temperature and the actual load currents each of our products has been properly sized with the correct heat sink. Our heat sink designs are an integral part of this system and provide a level of assurance at specified parameters.

We use our own in-house designed heatsinks, manufacturing specifications, and Solid-State relays manufactured by a world class international SSR manufacturer.

   We also provide application assistance in applications where retrofitting is required. If a new application comes across your desk, we can help!

Products & Services


 Anacon is proud to offer a complete line of Standard Solid State Relay Assemblies. Standard Products range from what we like to call categories of High Line, meaning the line voltage that can be controlled by these products is as high as 660Vac. Our low line products normally range up to 280Vac. In addition, there is a mixture of Din Mount product assemblies and Panel Mount and Duct Mount for the Duct heater applications. The standard products can range from 10A to 100A products. We primarily use Crydom Product and have for over 25 years. 


   Duct Heaters require unique controls for efficient operation. Controlling multiple heaters and varying control outputs can be easily accomplished when the proper complement of control products are employed.

Anacon Power manufactures low-cost Burst Fire SCR Controllers for Loads up to 100 AMPs in Single or 2/Leg Break of three Phase Line versions. We also supply the Solid State Relays and heat sink products that meet just about any thermal situation.


Another product area that we have been supplying to many customers is a low-cost SCR Phase Angle or Burst Fire SCR Controllers. These products can be configured from our standard product line by the addition of a SCR Controller Card. One difference is that we have two product categories. Phase Angle and Burst Fire or Time based products. The Burst Fire products will use the standard Zero Cross Solid State relays, while the Phase angle products will require the Random Turn On Relay to operate correctly.


These products can be as large as the solid state relays we can use for these applications. 100 Amps would be the upper limit.


See our wide variety of our reliable Heatsinks as well as additional thermal product accessories here.


Over the years as the relay technology has progressed with more reliable products so have accessory cards that provide a complimentary function of monitoring the load that is being controlled for opens or shorts, others actually monitor and can display the actual load being handled by each relay in a system. Check out the Monitor and Control products which make working with Anacon Power easier to build a complete system with one company.


If by looking through or selection guide of standard Product, you do not find what you need, give us a call and we can probably show you some of the Special products we make for many customers who choose to go outside the standard selection of products.


Want to see what we can do for you? Contact us now!


Anacon Power & Controls

100 Powder Mill Rd. Suite 162

Acton, MA 01720


TEL: 800-466-9080
TEL: 978-287-0715


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